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Apri Health has exceptional partners across many sectors within the healthcare industry. Contact us if you’re interested in joining forces to change the landscape.


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The Team

Mark Ereth, MD
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Physician and Scientist at Mayo Clinic with 25 years of experience
Specialized in Anesthesiology – Intensive Care

Jamison Feramisco, MD PhD
Co-Founder & President
Expert in Internal Medicine / Critical Care & Dermatology
Founded or early employee of 9 healthcare or data companies

Adam Mustafa
Data Scientist
Computer Science, Algorithms, Data Architecture

Avishaan Sethi
Lead Data Engineer
Software Engineer and Architect, Mobile Applications

Ayin Vala
Senior Data Scientist
Machine Learning, Applied Analytics, Natural Language Processing

Christopher “Toff” Peabody, MD, MPH
Quality Officer
Emergency Medicine, Quality Metrics and Value-based Care

Michael Hastings Ereth
Digital Cinematographer
Director, Media and Video Production

Michelle Taylor, DO
Transfusion Medicine and Pathology
Blood Management, Blood Bank Process, Transfusion Medicine, Best Practice

Karen Dallas, MD
Hematology and Pathology
Blood Management, Laboratory Studies, Hematology/Oncology, Transfusion Medicine

Tim Tran, PhD
Data Scientist
EMR and Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Methods

Abigail Driscoll
Intern, Medical Student

Heidi Bian
Economic Strategy
Healthcare Economics, Marketplace Strategy

Roman Raju, MD, MBA
Radiology Process and Analytics, Value-based Care

Hemanth Ande
Data Engineer
EMR Schema and Data Extraction

Jack Doenges
Lead Project Manager, Medical Student
Process Engineering

Our Mission

Transform data-rich, insight-poor environments into profound ecosystems of discovery and action by augmenting Value in the delivery of healthcare.

Our Values

We accomplish this mission by adhering to our values:

  • Patient Safety
  • Accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Courage
  • Innovation

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