Dr. Michelle Taylor, a transfusion medicine specialist and Senior Vice President, Clinical Laboratories at Apri Health, presented the poster titled “Predicting Blood Transfusion Requirements with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” at the American Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting in October. The study, led by Dr. Mark Ereth, highlights application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in divulging predictive relationships between transfusion and various clinical parameters (including age, gender, fibrinogen, hemoglobin, hematocrit nadir, artificial ventilation, body weight, risk index, body surface area, vital sign trajectory, 24-hour chest tube output, and low molecular weight heparin).


Dr. Taylor describes her experience at the AABB Meeting:

“From the opening session featuring Dr. Daniel Kraft from Singularity University to the poster sessions, and beyond, this year’s AABB Annual Meeting offered eye-opening sessions and a chance to re-connect with friends in beautiful San Diego, California.  Dr. Kraft set the tone for the whole conference, emphasizing innovation in healthcare. This theme was continued with amazing sessions like that of “Just In Time Blood Delivery” from the team at Zipline International, who are breaking boundaries in Africa by using drones to deliver blood.  The poster session offered more examples of innovation, including our presentation about our ability to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Predict Blood Transfusion Requirements.  Improvements in blood management among institutions were evidenced by other posters as well, including topics such as the implementation of maximum surgical blood order schedules and clinical decision support tools to drive down overutilization of blood products.  What fun to see so many hospitals improving patient care by recognizing the downstream impacts of inappropriate blood use – thereby saving the organization money and saving lives!  We were so thrilled with the interest in our poster and hope to hear from some of you in the future.  What a great year and we look forward AABB 2018!”