April, 2018

The predictive analytic tool built by the technical staff at Apri Health, Inc. was highlighted during the 15th Annual World Congress for Brain Mapping and Technology conference held in Los Angeles.  The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics gathers scientists, engineers, physicians, and healthcare professionals from across the globe to present research and innovation in healthcare. Dr. Mark Ereth, Co-Founder and CEO of Apri Health, presented “Rx for the Opioid Crisis: Analytics and Pharmacogenomic Testing” as part of the Opioid Crisis Symposium.  Included on this panel were experts from a variety of fields including world-class Epidemiologist Denise Kandel, PhD.  Dr. Ereth also shared the stage with Nobel prize-winning Neuroscientist Eric Kandel, PhD.

Drs. Mark Ereth, Denise Kandel and, Eric Kandel